Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Basic Cup Cozy

I knit these in the round on dpns. If you must, you could also easily work them flat and the sew up the side seam. I used a 12oz. hot cup for my model. If you wish to use a smaller or larger cup, adjust accordingly. Remember that you don't want the cozy loose. It needs to be... well, cozy!

With worsted weight yarn, cast on 42 stitches on size 6US dpns. Work in K2,P2 ribbing for approximately 2.5-3 inches. Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends. There it is...that simple.

Now for some variations...I hate to get bored.
  • Any stitch pattern that has a lot of stretch will work. Here are a few I have used successfully:
- 1x1 rib
- 2x2 rib
- 3x1 rib
- broken rib
- 4st cables
- mock cable
  • Embellishments are fun...just keep it simple enough so they don't get in the way of holding the hot beverage.
  • This is a great chance to use up odds and ends.
  • I like wool best for its insulation qualities.
  • Double strand lighter weight yarns to make it thick enough.
  • Use your imagination...the wilder, the better!


Anonymous said...

For those lovingly addicted to coffee, I thank-you!

My dogs tell me there used to be bickies in the glove compartment, now it is stuffed to the gills with coffee cozies!


Juana said...

I love your cozy. I've seen a couple of other patterns, but yours is the nicest - and easiest!

Twisted Knitter said...

I love these but I have a dumb question -- how do you deal with cup handles?

Jan-Knit said...

You are all so sweet! May you always have hot coffee and no more burnt fingers!!

Dear Twisted....
Thanks for your compliment...and your question is not at all dumb!!! I made these cozies to fit over take-out paper cups. Since then, I made one to fit over my mug at work. I knit it flat and left the center portion of the seam "unseamed" to accommodate the handle. My next one, however, will be from MK Caroll's design...I love it!!


YowlYY said...

Awww... lovely mug cozies :)) And thanks for posting the link for the aran pattern...it is lovely and will give it a go :)

loriknits247 said...

Thanks for the very cute cup cozy.Where can I find the aran pattern mentioned by "yowlly" in the previous comment?


Anonymous said...

helllloo all!
thanks for the fabulous patterns and ideas.
I love these cozies....dumb or not dumb--I also wondered about the handles...I am now making these and buying mugs and giving them as gifts!! I am also donating them in the senors centers/homes "tuck shop" they can sell them and raise money for the center.
small item but goes a longway---thakns again
Cambridge Ontario Canada

Jan-Knit said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments!! June, I'm delighted that you will use this for a fund raiser! Great idea!

::Sevvi:: said...

Hi I was wondering if you'd be willing to post the mock cable pattern! I love these, but don't feel like dealing with a cable pattern if I'm going to mass produce them, which with all the family and friends that are asking for them I will be! So I was wondering what your mock cable pattern consists of. Thanks so much!

Jan-Knit said...

Sevvi...sure! Here's the one I use. There are several variations available on the internet, as well. Enjoy!

Knit in the round over a multiple of five stitches:
Rnd 1: * sl 1, K2, psso, P2; rep to end of rnd
Rnd 2: * K1, yo, K1, P2; rep to end of rnd
Rnds 3 and 4: K3, P2; rep to end of rnd