Thursday, May 3, 2007

Daisy-Chain Scarf

This scarf was made from vintage tapestry yarns in five shades of green found at a thrift store. It would be fun out of most any yarn, even using a variety of textures and colors.

Make 30 or more Five-Petal Crocheted Flowers for desired length of scarf.

Stitch flowers end-to-end, alternating attachment at third or fouth petal. (See photo.)

Five Petal Crocheted Flower

With desired yarn and appropriate size crochet hook (ie: worsted and size G, etc.), chain 5 and join with sl st to first chain to form ring.

Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc) and work 15 dc into the ring, sl st to beginning chain.

Round 2: *Ch 3, skip 2 dc, sl st into next dc: repeat from * 4 more times ending in last stitch in base of beginning chain. (You now have five chained loops.)

Round 3: In each Ch 3 space work 1sc, 3 dc, 1 sc: join with a sl st to first sc.

End yarn, leaving a tail for joining. Weave in all ends.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I have some left over silk and alpaca yarn from a hat I just finished and this will be wonderful.

Thank you!

Anne said...

Hi - I love this, but as a very newbie crocheter, I can't find an explanation of "Sal st" - is this an abbreviation? (Sorry to ask dumb questions.)

Jan-Knit said...

Anne...thank you so much for asking. It's a typo!!! And you are the first one to notice it! It should be sl st (slip stitch). I'm so sorry for the error, and I hope to see your Daisy Chain soon!!
Janet (aka JanKnit)

Claire said...

dommage ce site semble abandonné!!!!

many thanks for the tutorials
good luck!!!!

JanKnit said...

Hi, Claire...
No, not abandoned. I just haven't posted any new patterns for a while. Maybe I should do that soon, yes? :o)

Anonymous said...

Love it !!!


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! Any yarn size suggestions? I'm a newbie and mine aren't coming out as pretty as yours. Practice makes perfect, right? :)

JanKnit said...

Well, I say, "Practice makes better!" :o) Thank you for your lovely comment. I used tapestry yarn for this one, but you could easily use other yarns. It would be a lot daintier in a sock-weight or warm and cozy in a fluffy bulky weight. Be sure to adjust the size of your hook according to the yarn you choose. I can't wait to see your version!